Return of the Shawl of Doom

Two years ago I decided to knit myself a shawl to wear to a friend's wedding. I had a beautiful skein of Debonnaire Yarns Ambrosia Lace, which was 1200m of luxurious casmere, silk and alpaca, and I had fallen in love with the Tiong Bahru shawl by ├ůsa Tricosa.

To cut a long story short it took me months and months because I made the shawl bigger to use as much of the yarn as I could. The final shawl was so massive it got nicknamed The Shawl of Doom.

I loved it though, I actually think it's my favourite thing I've ever knit. The yarn is buttery and warm but light as a feather and the pattern is absolutely gorgeous. I wore it all the time; in winter to keep me squooshy and warm, in summer to keep the sun off...

...but then I lost it. It's gone. Lost forever.

I think I went through all the stages of grief. I definitely spent a long time in the denial phase, searching every drawer, bag, cupboard in my house and big sister's house but I finally landed at acceptance. The shawl is gone.

This summer I'm going to another happy wedding occasion in New York and I decided I needed another Shawl of Doom so welcome to:


I had another 1200m skein of yarn in my stash which was a dark charcoal grey and 50% merino, 50% acrylic. I thought it would work but it only took about 10 rows before I decided it would not. I hopped online and bought another skein of the Ambrosia Lace, this time in the silver colourway. I have no idea what I'm going to wear to the wedding so I figured this was a nice neutral option that would go with many things.

I really hope I manage to get this done for the wedding but it's going to be a real challenge. It took months to knit the last one but I'm flying to NY for the wedding in just over a month so please wish me luck, I'm really going to need it.


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