Learning to plan

I've never been a person who plans. I have sheaves of loose leaf paper with lists and scribbled notes, bits of patterns and important numbers. The lists never get completed (or often never get looked at again), the notes and patterns get relegated to the back of my mind and fester there.

For example, I am quite certain I have written somewhere "Make a baby present for Sean and Emma". I clearly remember writing it down when they announced they were having a baby but here we are, the day after the baby arrived, starting the blanket!

I dashed to Hobbycraft yesterday and picked up some dmc Natura in a gentle palette of muted purples, aqua, yellow and cream. It's a beautifully soft, 100% cotton, yarn which I think will make a wonderful blanket.

True to form, though, I had absolutely no plan what to do with it. I'd like to make a blanket that isn't too infantile so the little recipient can grow with it and love it for a while. My brain automatically goes to geometric shapes when I think of blankets so I decided to opt for a basic crochet hexagon block.

I used the Solid Crochet Hexagon pattern from this page on Craftsy, adding an extra round for a bit of a bigger block. I began by crocheting a block from each colour but then started to worry that I hadn't bought enough yarn. Again with the planning! I only bought one 50g ball of each colour and I have no idea how big a blanket that would make.

The new plan is to settle in and crochet as many hexagons as I can out of one ball. Then I can do a little layout diagram and figure out whether I need to pop back to the shop. That's a plan. I've written it down in my notebook and now it's memorialised on the internet so I can't lose it! Let's see if I stick to it this time...


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