I stuck to the plan

It appears that writing down a plan online makes me pull my finger out and get things done. As planned, I used the first ball of cotton to work out that I could comfortably get 10 hexagons out of each 50g ball, giving me 50 hexagons in total.

50 hexagons would give a nice layout for the blanket but it would be quite small. It looks like it would be the perfect size for a pram or a car seat but I was hoping for a blanket that the new baby Collins would be able to use for a little longer.
I made a quick trip back to Hobbycraft and bought a second ball of each colour and set off crocheting again. I think I'll go for 19 hexagons of each colour for the main body of the blanket making it double the size of the first plan.

I've also figured out a half hexagon to fill in along the top and bottom but I couldn't work out how to fill in the sides. I used photoshop to mock up the layout so that I could get an even distribution of colours when I sew them together. Now that I see it, I think the little points will be cute.

All I need to do now is keep adding to my stack of blocks. 77 down, 18 to go!


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