Christmas Knitting

Are you making any Christmas presents this year? Every year I promise myself I'll be organised and get things done early but every year, no matter what, something comes up and it's a mad dash to the finish line.

So with 11 days, 11 hours and 36 mins left until Christmas (I have the Christmas Countdown open permanently at the moment), I have 3 hats, 2 scarves, and 2 cardigans left to finish. Yikes!

Christmas knitting list

1.  A "super soft slouchy beanie" for my friend Tamara. This was a request and is a part Christmas present/part Thank you present for a lovely, relaxing holiday at her house on the Isle of Wight.

 Status: Complete!

2.  Three Ninja Turtle hats for my three nephews. I'm making these using Sirdar pattern 7324 but in King Cole Merino blend to make sure they're toasty warm.

Status: 1 age 7/9 complete! 1 age 4/6 and a 13 month old to go

3.  A soft, fluffy hat for a niece. I still haven't decided which pattern to go with but I think she'll look really cute in this Eskimo kisses. She has a lot of hair so I'm thinking a slouchy beanie or a beret might work the best.

Status: Well I've picked a yarn... that's a start right?

4.  A hooded jacket for one of my twin nieces. This is a lovely pattern - Sirdar 2423 - but my nieces are little fuss pots that won't wear wool so I'm using a cotton aran instead. It won't be as warm but it's beautifully soft.

Status: All knitted, just need to assemble now

5.  Another cotton jacket for my eldest niece. This is from an old book and again, it's supposed to be knitted in a wool blend but I've gone for a nice bright cotton for the biggest fuss pot of all.

Status: Uh oh, only half way up the back

6.  A scarf for mum. This is a Knit Night scarf by Louise Zass-Bangham (great name!), using a hand dyed yarn by my friend Danielle of Mother of Purl. It's a great no-brainer pattern for Saturday night wine time with big sister. 

Status: Weighed the yarn last night and I have 48g of an 100g skein left

7.  Mystery project which I can't really share because it's for big sister and she will read this so I'm not giving anything away. It is lovely though. It's hiding under the subtle top secret stamp in the first picture.

Status: 24g of 100g left

You know, I thought writing it all down would organise me and motivate me to get going but, in fact, it's just terrified me so I'm going to put the kettle on and make a nice cup of tea before I jump in again. 

Wish me luck! Is anyone else as panicked as me?


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