Work in Progress Wednesday #5

This week I have been concentrating on getting my patterns up to date. I've fallen into a really bad habit of scribbling down notes on scrap bits of paper while I'm knitting things and then, when it's finished, getting distracted by something new and shiny.

Seriously, who could concentrate with this stack staring you in the face?

Although this has meant that I'm entertained, it's also meant that people coming into the shop have fallen in love with items that I have absolutely no pattern for. So I knuckled down, gathered my sheaves of paper into some semblance of order and got to typing. So far I've finished the pdf version of the free Oceanic Scarf  pattern and the pattern for Fibonacci's Shawl. Follow the links to find them on Ravelry.

All that's left is Charlie the Chimp so tonight's job is to make this:

Look like something a sane person could use to make this:

whilst avoiding this:

Tiger the fat cat wants to play!


  1. Aww, Charlie is so cute. You are so very clever! Also loving your gorgeous scarves x

  2. Cute monkey - nice job on this project!


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