My Chinese New Year Resolution

I've never been a list person. I have occasionally written lists but inevitably I forget that I've written anything down and I find them 4 months later and realise I've forgotten what half of the points mean.

I think it may be time to draw the line because the situation has got so bad that I'm now finding scraps of patterns and even bits of knitting and have no idea what they are supposed to be.

I'm not sure what's worse; finding scraps of random scribbles or knowing that I've written a pattern down somewhere but having no idea where or on what!

So, it's time to organise. I'm heading to the shops to buy some files and proper paper to write my patterns on - no more envelopes! - and I'm making a Chinese New Year resolution (I missed the traditional New Year) to sort myself out.

The first list of the new organised Jill

Jobs for this week:

1. Write up the pattern for the snuggle bunny

2.  Finish the pattern for the chevron cowl which includes tutorials for the provisional cast-on and grafting the ends together.

3.  Give the poor disembodied monkey head a body

4.  Finish another side of the hounds tooth foot stool

5.  Do Not Start Another Project!

Phew! I feel more organised already. I've even made a shopping list for my trip to he Metrocentre which is a rarity for me. Let's see how long this lasts...


  1. Love your projects!

    Hope you can keep up your resolution :)


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