Work in Progress Wednesday #3

I wish I was doing something more creative, colourful and exciting but this week my WIPs are my patterns.

I've been designing lovely new things for a couple of months now but it had been pointed out to me that it's no good just making things up and leaving them. I need to actually write down the pattern so that other people can replicate the cuteness. So for now I am chained to the laptop...

Hopefully, by the end of the week I will have first drafts of patterns for the nameless bear (you can suggest a name on this facebook post), the chevron blanket and cushion and the Fibonacci inspired shawl.

Hmmm... I'm sensing a definite strip theme here. I hadn't noticed that before.

When I need to step away from the computer I'm working on the big grey boots of doom. Here's a bit of advice - If a man asks you to knit him some slippers, bear in mind that they have really big feet and tend to like really boring colours.

These are from King Cole pattern 3471 in a very boring practical grey and take a lot of willpower to keep going. 1 boot finished and sewn up, 1 boot half knit. 


  1. Teddy is lovely :) dont give up with the booties they will turn out great warm and cozy i bet :)

  2. aw I love the bear, he looks so happy!

  3. The teddy is so cute! Not a bad laptop companion IMO.


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