Resolutions Schmesolutions

I really did have the best of intentions. The idea of finishing 3 projects before I started something new sounded so easy and sensible but then there's the internet; a whole world of projects just waiting to be started and a whole shop full of wool waiting to be played with. To be honest, I never had a chance!

I finished my blanket which was a start but then a new pattern and yarn arrived in store and, before I knew what was happening, I had Ted the Bear.

(Ted the bear pattern and yarn)

Seriously... who could resist that face? Still, a project started and finished in a couple of days isn't that bad is it?

But then I stumbled across this blanket over at Little Woolie's blog

and I was smitten. I've tried crocheting squares, they just don't float my boat but that blanket with all of its bobbly loveliness had to be made. So this has happened: 

A basket full of wool, crochet and fun which has no chance of being finished any time soon. The blanket is going to be a kind of sampler blanket with rows of all the different stitches from this book:

Well, maybe not all of the stitches. I realised that I can only use the stitches that have a flat top and bottom unless I want to spend the rest of my life figuring out how to flatten ripples.

So far I have chained 307 (and counted them 17 times to make sure!), started with a couple of rows of double crochet to give me a nice flat edge and then worked a strip of the Wave and Chevron stitch and I'm almost to the end of a row of Pebble Lace stitch.

I'm using King Cole Merino Blend DK in (from bottom up) Sky, Aran, Heather, Sage and Denim and I'm in love! I'm really enjoying the repeated stitches. I find it almost hypnotic to do the same thing all the way along my big, long row and I feel like I've really mastered the stitch by the time I get to the end. Maybe that was the problem with the squares, too much chopping and changing.

Even with my new project I may not have felt so guilty but <red face> I've also cast on a jumper. Ooops!

So, I haven't completed any of the projects from my original list and I've started 3 more. I am in soooo much trouble when big sister gets home from her holiday on Tuesday!


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