Illustrating the point

Today I am settling down to draw some diagrams for the Learn to Knit booklets that go with our workshops. Up to now I have relied on a ton of photos to illustrate the various steps but the engineer in me has always thought that a clear diagram is much easier to read than a picture (plus it means my un-manicured sausage fingers don't need to be shared with the world).

I have been reading the post Knitting with Adobe Illustrator over at the Curious Knitter's blog and she makes it look so easy. After 3 hours and many cups of tea I've come to 2 conclusions

  1. No matter how much illustrators earn, they are underpaid!
  2. Thumbs are really hard to draw

Still, I'm on a roll now. The first drawing took me hours but now I have the techniques down, I hope I can fly through the rest. That is if I stop getting distracted by silly things. When you can change your nail colour at a click of a button, it can be hard not to play.


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