Falling at the last hurdle

I'm a relatively new knitter but the bug has bitten hard. So hard that I worry about it pushing every thing else out of my life. I work 5 days a week in the wool shop and then I go home, sit down and knit. So when my Aunt sent me an Amazon gift voucher for Christmas I was quite determined NOT to spend it on anything knitting related.

I had been eyeing up the new Assassin's Creed game but PS3 games are so expensive that I thought I would wait a while and get it pre-owned. This week I decided to bite the bullet, looked online and found one for a fraction of the new price so snapped it up. However, it was much cheaper than I expected and my resistance is only so strong so I popped a lovely book in my basket to make up the voucher total.

November Knits is a beautiful book by Interweave Press with a lovely mix of garments and accessories. I can't wait to cast on something. There's one resolution I will not break though, I WILL finish this cardigan before I start something new. I'm almost there...

Just the seam up the right hand side and the right sleeve, 3 buttons and I'm done! 

That doesn't stop me planning... I think I'm going to start with the Thayer Street Cardigan

I love the way the different width stripes meet at the back. I think I may go even more graphic and use black and white with maybe a pop of colour, possibly teal or red. I can't wait!


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