Sample Displays

Sirdar have generously sent me some beautiful sample garments to display in the shop.

They are absolutely gorgeous and it's fantastic to be able to feel the softness of the yarns without having to knit a pile of garments myself. The problem is how to display them to without hiding all the wool.

A quick trip to B&Q, some sawing, some spray-painting and a little but of drilling later and we have a brand new garment display area.

 Pop in and try them on - if you're lucky enough to fit them which I don't :( 

Lessons learned this week:
  1. If you're going to hold a door knob while you spray it with enamel spray paint, make sure to wear some protective gloves because that stuff does not come off!
  2. If thunder and lightning make you jump, don't use a drill in a thunderstorm!


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