Cushions cushions everywhere...

Summer has finally hit the UK and knitting woollen garments might not be the first thing on everybody's mind at the moment. However, there is never a bad time for gorgeous, hand-crafted, home interior items. With this in mind I have been working on some patterns for scatter cushions that showcase the gorgeous yarns we have in stock.

First to be completed is the Cloud 9 cushion cover:

It's knit in Sirdar's Big Softie with a simple staggered cable. The end result is super cuddly and the beautiful blue yarn reminded me of summer days, hence the "Cloud 9" moniker. I'm writing up the pattern this afternoon and it will be available as a kit or an individual pattern soon.

Next is a new one for me. I've always wanted to learn entrelac as a technique but haven't really had the time before. No time like the present!

This one may take a little longer since I'm learning the technique and making the pattern up as I go. I hope it works out because it's looking gorgeous. It works really well with the Escape DK but I may do another version, alternating a couple of solid yarns to see how that works out. What do you think?


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