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Do I have to be THIS supportive?

I love my mother but is there a point where you can just say a big NOPE and let her suffer on her own?
My mother has had insulin dependent type 2 diabetes for over a decade now. It's difficult to control, dangerous to her long term health and requires more needles than anyone should have to bear. We know that type 2 diabetes can be helped a lot by losing weight but that's easier said than done because she also has an inactive thyroid, severe depression and has developed Parkinson's disease which is slowly reducing her mobility. Fun, right?
We recently came across this book by Dr Michael Mosley - The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet. UK readers may recognise Michael Mosley. He's on a lot of the BBC health programmes like Trust Me I'm a Doctor.

I'm really not a fan of crash diets. My brain has always told me that changing your eating habits for a limited period time is highly unlikely to have a lasting effect on your health. This diet however, has been scientifically res…

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